The story of 

It all started back in 1999 when Mr. Fatalii grew his first chili plant. Before that he grew other fruits and herbs as a hobby. Consumable plants were always his interest. Soon the office room and balcony was filled with plant shelves. After couple more years, his job as a "office rat" was quickly fading away and growing chilis as a lifestyle turned into a profession.

After moving to a countryside in 2004 the problem with continuous growing space limitations were gone and the new career as an ultimate chilihead was getting it's shape.  For many years, besides selling seeds at and photographing plants, Mr. Fatalii tested and marketed many growing related products. Many of those products were fertilizers. That started a journey to find the ultimate nutritional recipe for chili pepper and other kitchen garden plants.

Chili pepper varieties can be very different from each other, so the task was not a simple. After growing many chili varieties in a commercial gardens for several years as a co-operation Mr. Fatalii saw few examples how chili peppers grow with professional nutrients.

Today, Mr. Fatalii has grown far over 4000 different chili pepper varieties and many other kitchen garden plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, pumpkins & squashes etc. + all kinds of kitchen herbs and has learned quite a few things about plants with different fertilizers. 

An idea about the own brand of fertilizers was getting it's shape quite a few years ago. Mr. Fatalii had an idea to have the best fertilizer for all stages of growth. It had to work perfectly for both hydroponics and traditional, soil-based growing.

It was the perfect time to create Fatalii's Finest fertilizers!

And now, we are proud to present our first brand of fertilizers Fatalii's Finest EasyPro -series with Supecharge -series boosters. We are more than pleased with the final product!
You can see results of using Fatalii's Finest EasyPro -series here. 

These fertilizers are suitable and ideal for any plants. You can use Supercharge -series boosters of your choice to affect certain characteristics or a growth stage of different plants depending on what you're growing.

Mr. Fatalii's office room in early 2000's

Mr. Fatalii's "office" in 2005.

From Mr. Fatalii's greenhouse 2006.

From a cooperating commercial garden in 2011.

From a cooperating commercial garden in 2012.

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