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These guides will give you a direction where to start. We suggest you to go easier with feeding when growing indoors under artificial light compared to a greenhouse under a full sun. These instructions are suitable for all mediums. When you see the plants growing with EasyPro fertilizers you can start doing your own experiments. Just be careful as heavy overdosing will damage your precious plants. Teaspoon = approximately 5g

Can be used every once in a while to boost grow/yield. With good growing conditions use with every watering.

Fatalii's Finest EasyPro
These measures are directional.
The results may vary depending on
plants and varieties you're growing.
Teaspoon equals 
approximately 5g
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(recommended method)

50 liters of ready-to-use nutrient solution for seedlings / small plants with hydro or soil: 


1. Add 50L of water to your reservoir.

2. Mix 25g (5g/10L) of EasyPro Part 1 in a jar of water (preferably warm) and pour it to the reservoir.

3. Repeat step 2. with EasyPro Part 2.

4. Adjust the pH if necessary and you're done!


- If you have a large reservoir, you can prepare a larger batch of nutrients to be used easily when needed later.

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