Fatalii's Finest Supercharge -series

Fatalii’s Finest Supercharge is a booster series made from the highest quality 100 % water soluble ingredients used by professional growers. Amazing results with all kinds of plants! 
All our fertilizers are pH balanced which means pH levels will be steady after adjusting. Suitable for all growing mediums: soil, hydroponics, coco coir, rockwool, expanded clay etc..
Maximize your results with Supercharge!

Fatalii's Finest Supercharge
Harvest Booster


Fatalii’s Finest Harvest Booster is an additive for increasing the total yield of your plants. Add Harvest Booster at the flowering/fruiting stage to maximize your crop.

Fatalii’s Finest Supercharge is a 100 % water soluble plant fertilizer used by professional growers.

Made of high quality ingredients free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements to plants. Suitable for all growing mediums.

Fatalii’s Finest Supercharge contains all required plant trace elements for a jaw-dropping yield. A powdered composition makes this fertilizer extremely long lasting.


Also suitable for plant foliar feeding.

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